Tree Treatments for Sick Trees in Marietta

Tree treatments for bugs and insects in Marietta GA.Tree treatment is another service we provide in addition to our tree removal service for Marietta and the surrounding areas.  We have tree treatment programs to ensure your trees live longer and healthier lives. Treating them to keep insects from destroying your trees is a very good way to avoid more expensive damage that may result from trees that are left untreated.


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Caring for your trees properly is an important part of protecting yourself from hazardous conditions and potential property damage to your (or your neighbor’s) home. Atlanta Tree Professionals offers customized treatment services that can help you keep your trees healthy for many more years.

  •     Annual treatment of trees for insect and disease control.
  •     Identifying branch, trunk and root defects that may weaken a tree, and recommending ways to manage them.
  •     Removing dead or defective branches.
  •     Correcting problems caused by improper care practices, such as topping, that have occurred in the past.
  •     Pruning to make the tree safer and healthier.
  •     Crown reduction that reduces the risk of tree failure for large trees located near buildings.

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My yard looked soooo much better after they left. Santiago was so nice. He answered all my questions thoroughly. They used a rope to take down the tree over the septic lines like I requested. I couldn't believe how fast and safe they worked as a team. It was like a tree army. They even chopped up my Christmas tree since I had forgotten to get it recycled this year.

Robin, 4/4/2014

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