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Tree removal Marietta GA by ATP. Call the professionals at ATP today.Tree removal Marietta GA by Atlanta Tree Professionals.  Are you in Marietta and looking for tree service?  We are able to provide our Marietta families and businesses with the satisfaction of knowing they have clicked the best choice for tree removal services in Marietta.  From Indian Hills, Chimney Springs, Atlanta Country Club and other great communities in Marietta we aim to make sure your home and family are protected from any hazardous tree situations.  We are also glad to provide a very affordable tree treatment plan for the trees on your property  to decrease the likelyhood of tree removal in the future.  Call us today to schedule your free tree assesment!


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Marietta is a dynamic city and many people move to Cobb County for the quality school systems here and the unique community it is.  Atlanta Tree Professionals values this community and we provide a service that if we have to remove a tree from your property, we will plant 1 new tree.  Our commitment to being an eco-friendly tree service in Marietta helps us distinguish ourselves from the other companies.  We recycle wood chips as well.  Give us a call today to ask more about how Atlanta Tree Professionals gives back to Marietta for more that just tree removal.

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When you see our trucks on Johnson Ferry, Lower Roswell, 120, Cobb Parkway, or in your neighborhood give us 3 honks for ATP.  We have crews in the Marietta area daily and our professionals would love to hear from you.  Give us a call for any questions you may have regarding tree removal services in Marietta, Ga.


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My yard looked soooo much better after they left. Santiago was so nice. He answered all my questions thoroughly. They used a rope to take down the tree over the septic lines like I requested. I couldn't believe how fast and safe they worked as a team. It was like a tree army. They even chopped up my Christmas tree since I had forgotten to get it recycled this year.

Robin, 4/4/2014

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