Stump Grinding for Marietta GA

Stump grinding and tree removal service for Marietta and Cobb County by Atlanta Tree Professionals.  Call us for our pricing and other tree removal services.  Stump grinding is the next step after your tree removal service.  Stumps can last for years and become unsightly and prohibitive to your landscaping.  Stumps are typically ground 6 to 8 inches beneath the surface which allows your yard to be used immediately.  This is a separate service that tree removal services and each job is priced differently depending on the situation.


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Call and ask about our stump grinding service with our tree removal service in Marietta.  If you have already had tree removal service by another company, we will need to give you an estimate on your property to accurately quote the job. Atlanta Tree Professionals will make that stump history.

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My yard looked soooo much better after they left. Santiago was so nice. He answered all my questions thoroughly. They used a rope to take down the tree over the septic lines like I requested. I couldn't believe how fast and safe they worked as a team. It was like a tree army. They even chopped up my Christmas tree since I had forgotten to get it recycled this year.

Robin, 4/4/2014

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