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Professional tree pruning, trimming and removal services in Marietta GA.Welcome to the best tree service Marietta GA offers – brought to you by the skilled team of Atlanta Tree Professionals. We offer professional tree removal tree trimming and emergency tree services for Marietta, Cobb and metro Atlanta.

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Our tree removal crews are constantly in the neighborhoods and subdivisions of Marietta. We can easily get a free estimate to you, whatever the size of the job. We offer a free assessment of your project and provide eco-friendly tree removal solutions.
We are the tree service company for Marietta.

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When possible, we avoid removing trees. However, in some cases, sick trees can put you and your family at risk for property or personal damage. As true Atlanta Tree Professionals, we have the skilled, experienced professionals to safely remove your dangerous trees. We are committed to providing eco-friendly service, and we will gladly plant one new tree on your property when we remove one or more trees.


Preventive Tree Care

With proper preventive tree care, tree removal may not be necessary. Call us for a free assessment. We may be able to nurture your sick trees back to health.

Our preventive services include the annual treatment of trees for insect and disease control, identifying defects that can weaken your trees. We also provide service for managing diseased trees by providing regularly scheduled tree trimming service to remove dead or defective branches. Our goal is to prolong the life of your trees and to keep them healthier.


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Please browse our website to learn more about our tree trimming, tree cutting and tree services. Call  (770) 648-3544 to have any tree reviewed by our professionals. With years of experience, we’re ready to work for you. Contact us by telephone or complete the form on our web site for a free consultation. Get professional tree service for your home in Marietta and Cobb.


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Atlanta Tree Professionals gave an informed assessment and a fair price for tree removal. The team arrived promptly and were professional and efficient in their work. They did a great job at cutting, lowering, and hauling out the trees without damaging our garden or lawn, and they cleaned up carefully afterwards to ensure minimal impact to the landscape. We have used a number of tree services over the years; Atlanta Tree Professionals earns the top spot on our list… more

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My yard looked soooo much better after they left. Santiago was so nice. He answered all my questions thoroughly. They used a rope to take down the tree over the septic lines like I requested. I couldn't believe how fast and safe they worked as a team. It was like a tree army. They even chopped up my Christmas tree since I had forgotten to get it recycled this year.

Robin, 4/4/2014

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Our crews are licensed and insured to protect your Cobb County home.